The Problem

Every fall, too many children are struggling when they enter kindergarten.  Without early intervention, the achievement and readiness gaps widen. 

42% of kindergarten students in school divisions participating in the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP) entered school not ready in literacy, math, self- regulation or social skills. 

The Solution

High-quality early education can close the achievement and readiness gaps. 

The New E3 School is a state-of-the-art demonstration model school for children ages one to five located in the Park Place neighborhood of Norfolk.  The innovative, mixed-income model focuses on the elements of high quality that lead to kindergarten readiness for all children.

The STREAMin3 model is being piloted in 112 classrooms (private, faith-based, the Virginia Preschool Initiative and Head Start) across the state.  The pilot is supported by state funding and private funding from The Obici Healthcare Foundation and The Alleghany Foundation.


  • All four-year-old children met or exceeded the benchmarks for literacy, math, social skills & self-regulation regardless of socioeconomic background.

  • All children receiving scholarships met or exceeded the benchmarks in math, self-regulation and social skills.

  • Every classroom met or exceeded the benchmarks in each of the CLASS domains.

The school is a catalyst for policy change and impacting children in our region & Virginia.

Make an Impact Today!

We believe, as you do, that every child in our region deserves a high quality education and that begins with early education.  Sadly, every year we turn away children and families who desperately need scholarships to attend our school.  Your gift to The New E3 School’s Scholarship Fund will provide a young child from a low-income family with the early education they need and deserve.  

Your gift will give a low-income child access to high quality early education.