Frequently Asked Questions

what are the ages of the children who attend the school?

Children ages one to five.

What is a typical school day?


Our core academic hours are from 9:00-3:00 Monday through Friday.

Daily Routine Preschool Class

7:30-8:30         Stay & Play (Choice Activities)

8:30-9:00         Arrival & Provocation Activity (Banking Time and Quality Time)

9:00-9:30         Choice Time

9:30-9:50         Healthy Snack & transition to Morning Meeting

9:50-10:15       Morning Meeting & Yoga

10:15-11:00     Small Group Activities (Core Skills and STREAM Activity)

11:00-11:45     Nature Play & Outdoor Classroom Time

11:45-12:15     Healthy & Fresh Family Style Lunch

12:15-12:30    Transition time (potty, classroom jobs, set up for rest)

12:30-12:50    Story Time, Yoga and Transition to Rest Time

1:00-2:30        Rest Time & Quiet Activities 

2:30-2:40        Healthy Snack

2:40-2:50        Choice Time

2:50-3:00        Closing Meeting

3:30-6:00        Stay & Play (Project-Based learning enrichment activities and Nature Play)

Stay & Play is offered at an additional cost in the morning from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and the afternoon from 3:30-6:00 p.m. 


Can my child attend part-time?

Our school is year-round and requires attendance from 9:00-3:00 p.m.

WHY The New E3 School?

  • STREAMin3 Curriculum developed by UVA’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching & Learning (CASTL)

  • Professional Development & Coaching for Teachers to Improve Teaching & Learning in the Classroom

  • Fresh and Health Snacks & Lunches.

  • Nature Playground & Outdoor Classroom

  • Yoga & CrossFit for Kids

  • Year-Round

  • Assessments of Children’s Development & Kindergarten Readiness

  • Mixed-Income Demonstration Model for children ages 1 to 5

How are children selected for the program?

Families are welcome to tour the school and complete an application for admission. Submit Admission Application

Do you serve snacks & Lunch?

Yummy Goodness Catering provides two healthy and fresh snacks and lunch everyday. 

What curriculum do you use?


Our evidence-based curriculum is developed by The University of Virginia Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (UVA CASTL).

what is the role of the teacher?

Our teachers are trained by UVA (CASTL) to implement the curriculum in an effective, meaningful and intentional way that fosters learning. They encourage children to think, problem solve, create, communicate, investigate and explore.

what is the Curriculum model?