High Quality Matters

What is the recipe of high quality?

  • Effective and evidence-based curriculum

  • Teachers trained on implementing the curriculum.

  • Teachers who participate in professional development that is aligned with the curriculum.

  • Strong relationships between teachers and children and families.

  • Positive interactions between teachers and children.

  • Teachers as guides and facilitators of learning moving around a classroom engaging children in learning.

 What you should see in a high quality program:

  • An evidence-based curriculum.

  • Social-emotional development integrated into the curriculum.

  • Teachers trained on the curriculum.

  • Teachers facilitating and guiding the learning as they move throughout the classroom.

  • Conversation, dialogue and questions being asked and answered.

  • Learning through discovery, investigation and exploration.

  • Learning through investigation and critical thinking.

  • Child-made art displayed at their eye level.

A high quality program is NOT:

  • Minimum health and safety standards with no focus on quality components.

  • Skill and drill (ditto sheets and coloring pages).

  • Adult-made art projects.

  • Direct instruction of skills and rote memorization of facts.

  • A place that views children as passive receptacles of knowledge requiring children to: sit still and listen; memorize lists, numbers and colors; and produce answers.

  • Teachers directing learning through verbal instructions, drill and practice.

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