Our ne3w Philosophy


Our school believes every child is a unique and special person with their own personality, learning style and family background.

Our goal is the optimal development of each individual child.

Our philosophy is that children learn best when they are actively engaged through hands-on activities, exploration, and play—three essential vehicles for learning.

The New E3 School prepares children for success in kindergarten and beyond.  We are teaching children so much more than ABCs and 123s, here, your child will learn how to be a…

  • Critical Thinker, Innovator and Problem Solver—Analyze and evaluate information to determine next steps, identify problems and work together to develop solutions, recall sequence of events, ask and respond to questions, investigate topics and learn to explore.

  • Effective Communicator—Recall words in a song or poem, follow directions, use words to describe feelings and ideas, talk with others, draw and write, make up stories and speak in a group.

  • Creative Thinker—Generate ideas, concepts and solutions.

  • Team Player—Collaborate and work together to solve problems on activities and projects.

  • Independent Thinker—Think, problem solve and work independently.