Our S.T.R.E.A.M. Curriculum


Our curriculum was developed by The University of Virginia Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL). The curriculum provides a structure for teachers to support children’s development and learning from ages 1 to 5. It includes daily activities and games to make the most of moment-to-moment interactions occurring between children and both their teachers and peers throughout the day. The curriculum was developed based on what CASTL has learned about early education- both regarding the latest developmental and early education research and observations in early childhood classrooms.

The curriculum focuses on five core skills that form the building blocks for later learning and six STREAM skills to help children prepare for the academic demands of kindergarten.

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CORE skills:

Relate-with peers and adults

Regulate- their emotions, attention and behavior

Think- deeply about the world around them

Communicate- with others productively

Move- their bodies to achieve goals

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S.T.R.E.A.M. Skills:

Science-scientific method, understand natural and physical world

Technology- using tools to create, explore and innovate

Reading- book understanding, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, print concepts, early writing

Engineering- understand how and why things work

Art- creating, expressing, and imagining through a variety of mediums

Math- number sense, geometry, spatial relations, patterns, measurement

Children develop these skills through the ongoing supportive and stimulating interactions that they have with their teachers and peers. The curriculum provides a comprehensive set of integrated teacher practices, routines and activities to make sure interactions between teachers and children are intentional and meaningful and support children’s skill development across the Core and STREAM domains.

Our Teachers:

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Our teachers are trained by the University of Virginia Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning. They are top-notch early educators who have specialized training, professional development and credentials in child development and early childhood.

Our Teachers Know How To:

  • Develop skills in children
  • Set up a classroom to support children’s development
  • Observe children displaying a skill
  • Support skill development
  • Scaffold their interactions with children to support the skill through intentional teaching practices
  • Extend and integrate learning throughout the day

Our Teachers Strive To:

  • Nurture every child through one-on-one interactions everyday
  • Create strong relationships with the child and family
  • Work individually with each child
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Our Teachers Are Trained and Equipped to:

  • Understand how young children develop & learn
  • Implement the curriculum effectively
  • Increase children’s language, vocabulary and social-emotional skills
  • Develop positive and strong interactions and relationships with each child and their family

Quality Teachers + Proven Curriculum = Kindergarten Readiness


Interested in joining our team of top-notch early educators? Send your resume to the Director of our school.