About the STREAMin3 Curriculum

The STREAM: Integrated, Intentional, Interactions Curriculum (STREAMin3) was developed at the UVA’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) through funding from Elevate Early Education (E3).  Designed using the latest developmental and early education research, STREAMin3 is ready for use in a wide variety of ECE programs.

The STREAMin3 Curriculum Model provides:

  • Daily activities, routines, and games that maximize the moment-to-moment interactions between children and their teachers and peers.
  • Coaching, professional development, and weekly materials designed to support teachers’ understanding of child development and increase the effectiveness of their implementation of the curriculum.
  • Guidance for using observations to inform teaching and to increase quality of implementation.

Core & STREAM Skills

STREAMin3 focuses on 5 Core Skills that form the building blocks for later learning and 6 STREAM Skills to prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Components of the STREAMin3 Curriculum

All components include a focus on:

Children’s Interests & Experiences
Active Engagement & Direct Experiences
Being In The Context Of Play (Fun!)
Encouraging Problem-Solving & Curiosity

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