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Establishing the Building Blocks of High-Quality, Early Childhood Education


Amanda Williford, an associate professor at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education and Human Development who partners with leaders across Virginia to lead research and assessment efforts for Virginia’s Early Education Initiatives, recently featured E3: Elevate Early Education and The New E3 School in an op-ed published by The Hill.

"Coalitions such as the Elevate Early Education (E3) initiative have established an entire demonstration school devoted to the most important elements of high-quality, early childhood education, including STREAMin3, an innovative, engaging, and interaction-based, birth through preschool curriculum. With state and private support, we have piloted this innovative curriculum model in 100 classrooms across the state," she wrote.

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Posted on June 13, 2019 .

Building Science Skills

Last week, our children in the one-year-old to three-year-old classrooms were busy exploring the effects of salt and food dye on ice. Check out these pictures and videos of STREAMin3 in action. It is such fun to watch and listen to the teachers and children engaged in exploring how things change. Listen carefully to the conversations and questions. Our teachers do an amazing job making sure our children are learning the CORE & STREAM skills, but having a blast while doing it. Learning should be fun, encourage curiosity and help children think about what is happening around them.