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  • Run around cones

  • Kangaroo jump

  • Skip

  • Chasse




Skill: Squat & Hurdles

every time your hear FREEZE, grab a beanie from the center and put it by your cone

  • 10-8-6-4-2 Squats

  • Jump over cones back and forth (each child has their own cone)

Hungry Frog GAME:

lily pads set down everywhere, balls and beanies are scattered. Kids must follow the lily pads to pick up the food and give to the bullfrog. (pick up one item at a time)

Stability CrossFit for Kids @ The New E3 School

Check out the Workout of the Day (WOD) with Coach Clarissa: 

Warmup: WOD Races (altogether)

Starting on one line….Skip, duck walk, bear crawl, frog jump, run to other side.

3 rockets + 1 burpee then do the race again.

Skill: Overhead Squats (OHS) + Mountain Climbers.

Split group into 2

Practice OHS while second group does their mountain climbers then switch.

Game: Balancing Acts (tight rope, juggling, still balance, etc).

Equipment needs: Painters tape, beanie babies, poly spots, cones, scarves.

It is all about fitness, fun and being healthy! We hope our children and families will make exercise a part of their everyday life.



Posted on July 19, 2018 .