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Back to Nature


You cannot go wrong with bubbles & polka dots on a summer day! One of the special places at our school is the nature playground. It is a place where children can run, dig, plant, play in water, collect rocks, read on a tree stump, crawl through tires & see-saw with their friends. 

The other day when I was there, I saw a sand and water table turned into a pot of soup. It might have looked like mulch, soil and water to you, but a group of children worked together to cook up a delicious soup for all to enjoy.

When you walk through our nature playground, you will see children banging chimes in the music center, building castles with blocks, making forts and painting at the outdoor easel.

There is nothing typical about our playground. You will not see a swing or slide. What you will see is creativity, imagination and brain building happening in nature. We bring the learning outside and have lots of fun too!

You can get back to nature with your children at home. Take some time with your child this summer to:

·      Collect rocks, leaves and seashells on a nature walk and then count all the things you gathered.

·      Separate your items into groups and classify them by color or shape.

·      Talk about what you see around you – bugs, butterflies, birds and plants.

·      Plant flowers in a garden or clay pot.

·      Take chalk outside and draw on the pavement.

·      Play hopscotch or jump rope.

·      Wash cars, bikes & windows with a bucket of soap & hose.

·      Blow bubbles

Summer is the perfect time to learn outdoors and make some wonderful memories with your family!

Posted on July 12, 2019 .

Holiday Traditions

We have many family traditions, but a few of my boy’s favorites are seeing what the elf left in the Advent calendar (not so much anymore), building a Lego Christmas village, building & decorating gingerbread houses and making (and mostly eating) homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas Day. Every year since my two boys were young the activity that seemed to grow in popularity was building and decorating gingerbread houses. Over the years, we invited friends, family and neighbors to join us in the festivities. As the boys grew older, we started having a competition to see who could make the best one.

This year I asked my youngest son, Liam what he thought we should do for our annual event. He replied, “ I want to build the biggest gingerbread house ever!”  I think those holiday reality baking shows are influencing him. A few minutes later he was texting a dear friend and almost-like –a –grandmother his idea. It wasn’t long before it became a BIG idea and a BIG event. And, that is how the gingerbread house-building idea was born.

Then we all starting talking and thinking about how we could make this an event for our children and families at The New E3 School, the neighborhood of Park Place and ALL children in the community. As the plans evolved, we realized that we were going to need an architect and builder. T + M Architects and Hourigan Construction stepped up to help us make this plan come to life.

My two boys, Zack and Liam, Caroline McCartney, John Tymoff with Tymoff Moss Architects and I had an official meeting to brainstorm ideas and determine next steps. That is when it was decided that we should design and build a gingerbread house modeled after our school. The children and families of The New E3 School became involved in the planning too. We made a list of all the supplies we would need from plywood to graham crackers and candy. Then we came up with a plan on how to raise the money to make sure that ALL children and families could participate.

Now, we are asking YOU to help us create a New E3 School family tradition. Will you?

E3-FBCover-GingerbreadBuilding (002).jpg

We hope to see you @ The New E3 School on December 15th!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Lisa Howard  President & CEO, E3: Elevate Early Education & The New E3 School

Lisa Howard

President & CEO, E3: Elevate Early Education & The New E3 School