The New E3 School Turns 3!


Happy 3rd Birthday to The New E3 School(TNE3S)! Today marks the third birthday of our school. This has been a vision in the making for the last five years or so. Our school opened its doors in 2015 with nine children by design and we have almost reached capacity.

Time and time again, I am asked why TNE3S was created. Our prototype model school was created to begin to answer the question of what works in helping children be ready for kindergarten and show that when children have a high quality early education experience they enter kindergarten ready and that investment pays off when the same infusion of high quality occurs in kindergarten through third grade. Our goal is to show that high quality early education narrows the achievement and readiness gaps in a socioeconomic diverse model. It was designed to be a cost-sustainable and replicable model so that everything that is happening inside the building could happen in any early childhood program.


We teamed up with UVA’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching & Learning (CASTL) to develop the recipe for high quality. All too often, you hear the phrase high quality early education thrown around; however, there hasn’t been a clear and simple definition of what that means and what that should look like for our children. And let me be clear that recipe must ensure that children are learning by doing and through play in a way that develops a love of learning and natural curiosity for the world around them. That recipe must also include equipping teachers with the tools they need to be effective in the classroom.

Our approach is to have intentional and integrated teaching and learning. How? The STREAMin3 curriculum developed at the UVA CASTL is designed using the latest developmental and early education research. The STREAM: Integrated. Intentional. Interactions. Curriculum focuses on 5 core skills that form the building blocks for later learning and 6 STREAM skills to prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond. All components focus on:

·         Children’s interest

·         Active engagement & experiences

·         Fun & play

·         Problem-solving & curiosity

This model includes: curriculum, coaching to implement the model and in-person, on-site professional development for the teachers and progress monitoring assessments.


We could not have a high quality early education demonstration model school without our highly skilled early educators! We are thankful for our teachers and staff who work tirelessly to help our children grow, develop and thrive. There is a partnership between teachers, staff and families to build a strong foundation for academic and life success for every child.

From the day we opened our doors, we have had an all-star team comprised of our board of trustees, school leaders, parents, teachers, coaches, licensing specialists, yoga teacher and UVA CASTL researchers. Together, we set out to show what an elevated early education program should look like for all children regardless of their zip code and define the features of an excellent high quality early education program.


Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, we will unveil our STREAMin3 curriculum, professional development and coaching model and the k-readiness results.

We look forward to another year impacting the children in our region, state and beyond. What we are doing at TNE3S is influencing early childhood research and practice. Thank you for being a part of this important work.

With gratitude,

Lisa Howard

President & CEO

E3: Elevate Early Education & The New E3 School

Posted on February 2, 2018 .