E is for Engineering!

What is S.T.R.E.A.M?  Engineering!

There was a time when many subscribed to the school of thought that engineering was reserved primarily for college students.  However, now more than ever, research continues to emerge on the value of teaching engineering to young children. 

When children are engaged in engineering, they are using their hands to create, manipulate, test, problem solve, improve, design, construct and build.  They’re also building their teamwork skills as they work together to collaborate, problem solve, and communicate with one another.

Engineering opens up children’s minds and through hands-on projects and experiments, children strengthen their ability to learn from their mistakes, learn to keep an open mind and find new solutions to problems, and be persistent. 

At The New E3 School, our future engineers design, build, construct and have lots of fun working as a team to create their structures. 




Want to learn more about engineering and how to cultivate engineering skills in your child?  Check out this post from the National Science Teacher's Association.  

Posted on March 10, 2016 .