The Toddler Years.

Did you know that nearly 90% of your baby’s brain will be developed by the time they’re 5?   

To give your baby’s brain a boost before they turn 2, below are some easy tips to make sure that your toddler is getting all the attention, love, and interaction they need.

 13-15 MONTHS:

• Read, read, read—we can’t say it enough, read to your toddler!  Let them hold the book and turn the pages as you read together.

• Speak up—introduce your child to new words daily by talking to them throughout the day.  Talk about the things you see, hear & do together.

• Build it up & tear it down—build a tower together with a few blocks & then knock it down & start all over.  This helps teach cause and effect & strengthens fine motor skills.

16-18 MONTHS:

• Talk back—even if your baby isn’t using words you can understand, be sure to talk back to them when they make sounds to encourage them to keep on talking.

• Pretend—give your baby items that you use daily like toy keys, dishes, or a telephone & let them practice pretending to use these everyday objects.

• Splish, Splash—give your baby cups & other toys during bath time to let them explore & play with water.

19-21 MONTHS

• Family Band—make your own music together with items found around the house—rice in a sealed container can quickly become a maraca, or a pot & a spoon become a drum.  

• Ask questions—as you continue to read together, be sure you’re asking lots of questions about the pictures, the story & what they see.

• Play-Dough—let your baby explore with play-dough and watch them mold, squeeze, shape & be creative.  Make sure they don’t try to eat it.

22-24 MONTHS

• Follow the Leader—let your child copy you as you crawl, run, jump & dance around the house.

• Shape up—draw some simple shapes (circle, square, triangle, etc.) and talk about them with your child.  See if you can find shapes around your house—plates, windows, glasses, etc.

• Help out—give your child little jobs to help out around the house— putting toys away, dusting, helping you cook, etc.—this will let them feel helpful and needed.


Posted on October 24, 2016 .