Our Flip-Flop Zoo Has Been Named!

We have exciting news--our Flip-Flop Zoo has been officially named!  

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 4.03.16 PM.png


Earlier this week, our four animal friends journeyed down from their perch and joined our students in the Kiva where many of our children had the chance to play with them.


Students were joined by Board Member, Caroline McCartney, who generously gifted the Flip-Flop Zoo during our Cox Challenge Campaign.  Caroline's generosity helped us meet the $1 for $1 match of the challenge campaign.  Together, they contemplated and decided what each animal should be named.  


So without further ado, we would like you all to meet Hippy the Hippo, Hope the Zebra, Rafe the Lion and Olivia the Giraffe.


The Flip-Flop Zoo animals came from The Virginia Zoo, our Flip-Flop Zoo is not only whimsical and colorful, but each animal was created from discarded flip-flops that are found littered on the beaches and waterways of Kenya.  Thousands and thousands of flip-flops are washed up onto the East African coast creating an environmental disaster. Not only do the washed up flip-flops spoil the beaches, but they harm marine life who swallow the rubber soles. These flip-flop animals are an innovative, resourceful, and fun solution to conserving marine life, reducing pollution, and supporting sustainable community development.

Our Flip-Flop Zoo teaches our children important principles about being eco-friendly--our school conserves, recycles and emphasizes why taking care of our earth is so important.   Not to mention the joy that they bring to our children each day!

Hippy, Hope, Rafe and Olivia, thank you for being a part of The New E3 School!  We can't imagine our school without you!  

PS:  Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?  Stop by The Virginia Zoo gift shop to pick up your very own flip-flop animal!  You can also learn more about the Flip-Flop animals here.  


Posted on December 10, 2015 .