What Is Unique About The New e3 School?

Elevated early education for your child

At The New E3 School, children develop the skills to become active, engaged, creative and successful students.  Our students will enter kindergarten with confidence, curiosity, optimism, grit and a zest for learning that lasts a lifetime.  We are setting your child up for school success, but all they know is that they are having FUN and are excited about coming back the next day.

The New E3 School, is a model that will prove that high quality early education results in kindergarten readiness for children across the income spectrum. The school is a showroom of quality to serve as the catalyst to drive policy, systems change and greater public investment at the state by showing a direct link between an infusion of quality and child outcomes. 


The school is also a statewide model for best practices in early education and a place where early educators can come to learn about developing a strong business model, implementing best practices and tying developmentally appropriate instruction with assessment. The New E3 School is advancing early education not only in the South Hampton Roads region, but across the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is a platform for policy change.

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The New E3 School, is a vision of E3: Elevate Early Education (E3), a 501c3 nonprofit organization comprised of statewide influencers that have set out to change the way the Commonwealth of Virginia thinks, acts, and prioritizes early education. E3 is committed to elevating the issue to create a bipartisan effort that will utilize an analytical and data-driven approach to make strategic investments in early education. Click here to learn more about the work of E3.